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    For Whom are IT Challenges?

    For those, who wants to try their skills in IT fields by competing with others in limited timeframes on challenging tasks. There are two categories: junior and middle/senior and two specializations: web and mobile. Choose your category and nomination accodingly.

  • 02

    Where is it going to be?

    IT Challenges is held online. So, people all over the globe can participate directly from a favorite working place. The finalists are invited to Poland, where the offline part will be held - the Final.

  • 03

    How to Start?

    To participate, just press Accept Challenge and sign up during the period of Registration (its not visible until registration is active). At this stage, participants note nomination, category and information about them. After signing up, competitors receive the confirmational email.

  • 04

    Qualify stage

    All registered participants receive a link to the task in their profiles according to the selected nomination and category. The tasks are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professionals - the Jury board. The solutions have to be done within a given period.

  • 05

    Results stage

    Participants receive the results of performed work. The most skilled, TOP specialists, get the opportunity to compete with the strongest opponents in their field in Grand Final. All competitors are getting a feedback from the Jury, which helps to upgrade participant's level.

  • 06

    Final stage

    The last stage, where get the strongest, smartest and skilled specialists - finalists - is offline and is held in Krakow, Poland. TOP perfomers of each nomination and category are competing side by side at one place during the challenging time. Next day the Jury announce the lucky winners (1st, 2nd and 3d place) and give feedbacks. After the intensive work it's a hight time for chilling, meeting new people, exchanging the experience, and off course, a party!

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    More questions?

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Let the battle begin.

feb 20 - mar 28
The first step for participation. Competitors receive the email with confirmation
mar 29 - apr 14
The challenge begins! Participants receive the tasks.
apr 28
The moment of truth. Participants get the results of the submitted works.
may 27-28
final, Krakow
Its time to show everything you have! Get to final in Krakow and be the winner!


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Mariusz Gil
Mariusz Gil
Back-end, Poland
Co-owner at Source Ministry
Architect and CTO focused on high performance and scalable web applications. Trainer, consulant and conference speaker. He has been working for several companies on PHP projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform. Mariusz is also member of 4Developers and PHPcon Programme Commitees and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups for PHP developers in many cities in Poland. Big-data enthustiast and data-sciencist wannabe. After hours, biker and rock guitarist.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariuszgil
Lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/profile/mariuszgil/
Linkedin: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/mariuszgil/en
Łukasz Szymański
Łukasz Szymański
Back-end, Poland
Development Team Lead at OLX
Experienced programmer and a people leader managing the monetization team responsible for effective implementation of all new payment-related functionalities in OLX - a global marketplace operating in 40 countries.

More than once he’s proven his capabilities facing the challenges of his daily work. Łukasz is aware of the dynamic character of the business.

Updates and new solutions come up every day and he is not afraid to put them to a test and make use of them when needed. He is an active participant of numerous conferences and lectures, always happy to share knowledge and experience.
Anna Kokhan
Anna Kokhan
Design, Germany
Senior UI/UX Designer at Bonial
Creative-minded designer, passionate about the interactions and trends but also loves transferring complex solutions into a clear UX design. Currently works as a Senior UI/UX Designer at Bonial.com in Berlin.

Anna has 5 years of experience of designing projects for the agencies and startups from all over the world.

Personal website: annakokhan.com
Tomasz Chrostek
Tomasz Chrostek
Design, Poland
Graphic Designer at BrightMedia
Tomasz is a Graphic Designer based in Krakow with 8 years of experience. Currently working for BrightMedia. Mainly specializing in Web Design but also interested in Branding and Digital Design. He’s a huge fan of minimalism.

Portfolio: www.behance.net/Chrostek
Lukasz Kulakowski
Lukasz Kulakowski
Design, Ireland
Principal Designer at WebSummit
Lukasz is Principal Designer at WebSummit. He is addicted to UI, Spotify & bikes, responsible for evangelising good design practices.

Portfolio - www.emptypage.co.uk
Grzegorz Matyszewski
Grzegorz Matyszewski
Front-end, Poland
Lead Frontend Developer at Huncwot
Grzegorz has studied Graphic Design at Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. Fascinated by typography and Polish posters, always wanted to do more than just design. Years ago started playing with Flash websites focusing on detailed interface animations.

Now he's working at Huncwot as a Lead Frontend Developer.
Mateusz Rojecki
Mateusz Rojecki
Front-end, Poland
Front-end Developer at Coders Lab
Mateusz is self-taught Front-end Developer with a few years of experience under his belt. In love with JavaScript, Lego bricks and Raspberry Pi. Right now he is working as a lecturer and mentor in Coders Lab, where he helps young adepts of programming to make their first steps in beautiful world of Web Development.
Fernando Cejas
Fernando Cejas
Android, Germany
Software Engineer at Soundcloud
Fernando Cejas is a Software Engineer focused on Mobile Platforms. He has worked for several companies in a wide variety of projects in J2ME, C-Sharp, Java, Php and Ruby in different contexts: Social networks, NFC/RFID Hardware Solutions and E-Commerce.

He has been involved on Android since its appearance and currently he works at SoundCloud as part of Core Engineering providing tools to other developers in order to facilitate features development.
Artem Bykovets
Artem Bykovets
QA, Ukraine
CEO at "StartIT"
Artem started his career in IT in 2007 from the position of "content manager", then moved to QA, where has worked on various projects for a few years gaining experience and has grown to the position of QA Lead. After served as ScrumMaster for 3 development teams at BetLab, takes an active part in the transition to SAFe within the company. Starting from 2015 worked as Agile Consultant at Competera and consulting for few other outsourcing and product software companies. Now is an Agile Coach at Levi9 for big enterprise client from Netherlands.

Artem delivers lectures on "Quality of software and software testing" discipline for Faculty of Information Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"

In addition, almost 3 years engaged in coaching and teaching his own course for those wishing to start a career as a software test engineer. About 300 graduates, around 50% of them were successfully employed. Developing new courses and partnerships directions for StartIT as CEO.
Alexei Vinogradov
Alexei Vinogradov
QA, Germany
Consultant / Selenide
Alexei has been working in various IT projects in Germany for more than 15 years. He consults about quality assurance, test automation and about how to keep calm and be a good tester. He is a developer of Selenide, and the founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast.

Alexei is a passionate speaker who talked at many QA conferences, including SQA Days, Selenium Camp, Selenium Conference, Heisenbug, CodeFest, QA Fest.
Maik Nogens
Maik Nogens
QA, Germany
Senior test consultant at Diaz & Hilterscheid
Maik works as a test consultant for various industries and projects, from SAP to social media.

As part of his passion to support the profession of testers and testing, he is very active in many peer and community setups. He is a co-founder of some international peer networks, GATE and PotsLightning and runs several testing communities in his hometown Hamburg, Germany.

In 2014 he designed and implemented the global Software Testing World Cup (STWC), which runs every 2 years.
Sergey Almyashev
Sergey Almyashev
QA, Ireland
Principal consultant at sdclabs.com
12+ years in IT / Software Development with primary focus on Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Test Automation, Project and People management.
Stan Malkin
Stan Malkin
Back-end, Ukraine
Co-founder of Creativin & Founder of IT Challenges
Stan has 10 years of commercial experience in development. From simple websites to huge CRM systems. Worked as a standalone developer and as a team leader, project manager.

He loves to work with brilliant people.





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